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Website Design in the beginning

Web Design Malaysia users take note as this is a history lesson on the state of websites and the subsequent designing of a website in the beginning years of the internet. This article will talk about three separate years that explains, in a brief form, the start of the idea and creation of website with the eventual decision to design the website in order to create a unique experience for users who would visit the websites. The culmination of the way websites were created and designed would later be seen as a reflection on the way they created and designed today as these were the days where the tools that we now have weren’t even invented as of that moment and most the tools would be used to even create the basics of web designs were only beginning to be created. When it comes to SEO, is all about traffic. The years that will be touched on will be between 1989 to 1998 which cover the beginning of the internet and the end of the 20th century before the turn of century marking the rise of the internet:~

  1. 1989 would be represent of the internet although arguably it would also be the beginning of the dark ages for the internet. At the time, websites were not an element present in the field of internet. During this time technology was limited and screens that existed at this time were simply to display simple textual information. Designs were nothing more than simple symbols created on your keyboards and such. The internet was simply used to carry information from large distances and the main device in use for communication was still the tried and true telephones.
  2. In 1995 Microsoft launched their incredibly powerful and customisable operating system, Windows 95 that revolutionised the use of operating systems and becoming a jumping platform for subsequent iterations of Windows and other OS’s. This was also the moment when Graphical User Interfaces or GUIs were created in order to expand on web design. During this time, many forms of software were created that helped to make this a reality. Tables were used to add structure to a websites and javascript to create pop ups to dynamically change the way the website based on various actions.
  3. In 1996, Flash was created to incorporate animations into a website which gave and even greater desire to create creative options towards the creation of a website. It gave the opportunity to add cartoons or graphical quirks to what the user would want to decorate their site with. Finally, 1998 saw the introduction of a Windows OS and the addition of the Cascading Style Sheets which help to separate the animation and styles from the content which allowed more versatile for how content would want to be displayed. 
  4. If you want something special, you can definitely go for custom made.

Remember, first impression does matter, happy or not, it all depends on you.

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