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Things To Avoid When Selecting Domain Name

Things To Avoid When Selecting Domain Name

Naming a domain is a very important part of establishing a website. Your domain name should present your brand well so that customers would easy to memorize your site at the back of their heads. Despite having the existence of internet for more than two decades now, bad domains still happen. Sometimes it is too long, too bland, or too complex to type. Typo causes your customers to visit some other site, and you do not want that. In order to educate business owners or website owners in Malaysia, Web Design Malaysia agency gives several tips below on things to avoid when selecting domain name.

  • Too Trendy

Using slang or buzzwords are fine, but try to think that your website would last for years and those slang words might be awkward in another couple of years. We have all witnessed how today’s catchphrase can become tomorrow’s awkward tagline in a very quick manner. This can become epic domain name failure. For example, Flickr eventually changed its domain name to Flicker to cope with this failure.

  • Forget To Read It Out Loud

When you put two or three words together, try to read it several times because it might sound differently than what you actually try to achieve. One example is an IT company that sells hardware scrap program, so they named the domain itscrap.com, which also read as ‘its crap’. So eventually this company changed the domain name to something else.

  • Sound Like Other Site

Some sites try to use domain name that resemble another well-established brand. Like lootsuite.com to hootsuite.com. They might even hope that people would accidentally do a typo and land into their site. This trick might work but can become a major issue. Try to be original and let your authentic brand build its own momentum.

Those are some things to avoid in selecting domain name for your brand. It is a big decision, so you should do prior research first before buying your domain name.