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Looking the design of celebrity websites

Creating a personal website is incredibly important to create an online presence as well allow users to visit and look up information on you on a site that is created and curated by you to allow to know you -wihtout having to search for information that migh be false or taken out of context on other websotes. Web Design Malaysia works to pursue the the study of various celebrities that have forgone the use of scoial media or perhaps use them exclusively and instead opt to be control of your platform and promote their own mterial without usings social media controlled advertising agencies. Looking through to three celebrities and the websites that they have could help to understand how these celebrities gain success through the design of their website. The celebrities in question will be famous comedian Russell Brand and musical icon Jay-Z:~

  1. Russel Brands website is a very simple and straightforeward design with a large slider that covers the screen before you scroll down to the other parts of the website, The slider features the current projects that he would be currently working on like the launch of his newest book, the airing of the newest standup comedy special or his podcast. The next parts of the site are his newest posts on the websites, clear and large links to his work like the sliders and finally comments made by fans on his social media including his posts, The cleacut of the site makes this a seimple but effective and visually pleasing site.
  2. Jay-Z’s site is essentially supposed to look visually the Apple I-tunes app with small panels that when hovered on  show a panel ofthe description to the proper post, these small panels are then divided based on the categories of what the posts are supposed to look like.


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