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How Fertilisers are Made

In the whole lifespan, we have learnt so many things about plants and how they grow and what things they need from the times in our biology classrooms or out science classes. As a plant that surrounds us it plays a huge and vital task in making sure we have oxygen to breathe everyday. So it is important that we know how to take care of it and to plant more plants. Aside from it being a source of oxygen, plants have huge benefits for us in supplying our food as well as the food for our livestock and it can make our lives nicer with its beautiful flowers and nice smells. Taking care of a plant is not so hard, as we just need to supply them with their essential needs like sunlight, water, space to grow in. For it to grow healthily it would need the necessary nutrients as well as water so this is when fertilisers play in. In this day and age, it is very simple to buy fertilizer as you do not need to even go out the door but just to order to any quality palm oil fertiliser malaysia or any online store available. But since we know that they play a big role? How is fertilizer actually made? You must have a good management system to handle all the fertilisers as well.

Fertilizers are usually made up of organic or inorganic compounds that help in giving the needed nutrients to plants. They are usually made up of these three essentials which is known as NPK meaning nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The two different types of fertilizers, whether it be organic or not, have different ways of processing, in the organic ones go through less processes. For nitrogen fertilizers, an ammonia compound is synthesized from inexpensive raw materials. Usually this can derived from the air since nitrogen is present in so many things. The gas is pumped into a vessel and oxygen is burned off that leaves nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide. Then the other two are removed to only leave nitrogen to be infused in the fertilizer.

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